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could buy one of those and the tiger woods' neighbor. jane: i am sure he would love that. over to "the live desk." [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute martha: ball come, everyone. -- welcome, everyone. trace: this is where the news begins. behind me is the national desk. tim gaughan is working on some stories. this is the foreign desk, covering the globe. every picture that comes into fox news comes in through here, our immediate task. brand new pictures will always be on the right hand boxes. in the top box, a bill of rights for senior citizens. medicare premiums are rising but social security checks are not
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rising. the gop says it is time to begin fighting for america's greatest generation. in the middle box, news on that freeway in maine that swept a crowd of people out to sea. there is dramatic rescue video. in the bottom box, breaking news out of martha's vineyard. the white house will now create and oversee a special unit to interrogate terrorism suspects. what does this mean for the cia? martha: and the announcement comes just as did justice department and cia seem poised over a showdown over interrogation tactics. we have confirmed the justice department's office of the ethics want to eric holder to reopen the prisoner abuse cases. these are cases that the bush administration wanted closed.
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this afternoon the justice department will make a public statement about a 2004 report that detailed prisoner abuse by the cia. catherine herridge is following this for us. we understand some of this is already out, but much of the material was redacted. what do we expect to see this time around that will be more revealing? >> we are respecting well over 1000 documents to be released. including the inspector general's report, which is to be the most comprehensive look at the policy. the original version was heavily redacted but what we expect today is what has been described to me as "lightly reducted." -- redacted."
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just as significant, we are expecting documents which reveals the type of intelligence that was taken from the intervention programs. we believe these are the same documents that dick cheney requested be made public because he felt like if everyone saw these pieces of information, it would justify the program. martha: a lot of people feel like they should be released so that people can see exactly what was done, and what the benefits were. talk to me about your discussion with michael hagan, and the impact that this may have on the intelligence community and their ability to do their job. >> michael hayden wrote a strong and powerful op-ed piece in the "washington times" discussing the case against the release of these documents.
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foremost, when trying to do business with countries overseas, and saying that we need to trust them with intelligence, he said that they would be reluctant to do that in the future because they would be fearful that the information would make it into the public domain. secondly, for people who work at the cia, want a career in intelligence, they do not feel like the government has their back and could face prosecution in the future. when you look at the overall dynamics, the former cia director said this creates an intelligence community where people are reserved, tim and contra --, conscious. -- timid, conscious. there was a message sent to leon panetta today where he says, my
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emphasis on the future comes with a clear recognition that the agency takes seriously proper accountability for the past that would seem to suggest while this administration wants to look forward, they are prepared to look at the past and perhaps hold them criminally accountable for what occurred. martha: thank you. we will speak to a 20-year cia operative about this. we want to know what you think as well., click on the you decide poll. should the justice department reopened and possibly prosecute cases of alleged mistreatment by cia interrogators? 850 people, 4% of responders,
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say yes, these cases should be opened. 95% of those who have responded believe it is a mistake to reopen these investigations. less than 1% are not too sure. we love to hear what you have to say. trace: in the meantime, breaking news from kansas city. this is apparently at a wal- mart. there is some kind of dangerous activity going on? they would not let anyone in or outside the store? >> there was a disgruntled customer who phoned in a threat. he said he would come down and blow the place up. he was angry about his purchase, so they immediately locked the place down. we have seen people going in and
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out, and we are hearing now that the man is in custody. people are safe for now. trace: back to you as the news breaks. martha: back to the health-care battle. the president is on vacation right now. republicans have been taking the offensive in a new way as the gop talks about the seniors health care bill of rights. it is a call to the president not to cut medicare benefits. rnc chairman michael steele outlining the principles in an op ed. with me now is bret baier. nice to have you. there are taking advantage of this opportunity now that the president is on vacation. now the gop is getting in there jab of the day.
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-- their jab of the day. >> that is right. the rnc and michael steele really sees an opportunity here. there is a lot of concern here. looking at the polls in recent weeks on health care reform, and seniors and independent voters, even those who voted for president obama, are having increasing concerns about a number of things. not just the death panel talk. basically, that is funding for end of life discussions. michael steele writes -- other thing they are talking about our cuts in medicare, one
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proposed at $500 million. medicare is government-run, but it is also a program that is running out of money. experts believe that it will need an infusion of $2 billion just to stay insolvent. under the current plan there will be $500 billion cut from funding. this bill of rights is to tap into some of those concerns. trace: you have the president saying a few weeks ago medicare works for seniors. then the next day he said, the problem is medicare is broke and unsustainable. if you are on the gop, you know that this thing is not sustainable, and you can take money from wherever you want to,
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but at some point in time, premiums have to go up, or something needs to be cut. >> it is an unfunded mandate over the years. you will have to infuse money in there to keep seniors going. also, a couple of other things. prohibiting rationing of health care based on age. this is a major concern of how these practices would affect dr. decision when dealing with a patient. the overall theme about not getting in between a doctor and a patient. that rnc trying to take advantage of that argument. right now there are three republican bills. they have been there since june, they just have not been active. trace: thank you.
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now that we have your attention, seniors, listen to this. you could see your social security trend for the first time in a generation. no cost of living increase for recipients next year. legally, benefits cannot go down, but millions of seniors will see less money each month because premiums are expected to rise. coming up, we will talk to the head of the group fighting to preserve social security benefits and medicare. martha: and the tragic death in maine is connected to hurricane bill. a wave swept a group of people out to sea, including a 7-year- old girl. you can see some of the rescue efforts. these pictures are incredible.
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this is all in the area of arcadian national park. the group was standing on a platform, watching as the storm came in. they thought they were perfectly safe, but then a wayve came down pressure on them. -- crashed in on them. -- crashing on them. trace: a and we are getting news of an explosion at a california high school. and all elsewhere in california, wildfires are deteriorating. the tier rating and getting worse. that is how the top commander described the situation in
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trace: a frightening situation under way in northern california. this is in san mateo, california. apparently some students at hillsdale high school reported an explosive device outside of class. there has been an apparent confirmed the explosion.
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the bomb squad is now on scene looking for other devices in and around the high school. the students have been evacuated to a nearby middle school after the explosion. we are not getting any word of any injuries so far. we know the school had been evacuated. there's also word one person is in custody. we do not know if it is a current or past student, or move it may be. -- who with it may be. we will bring you breaking information as we get it. the nation's highest-ranking military officer offering a harsh assessment of the wars in afghanistan. mike mullen says the situation on the ground is "serious and deteriorating." the taliban growing more
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sophisticated in its attacks, leaving afghans fear for their safety. he says the u.s. must reverse the situation in the next year or year and a half. with me now is the chairman and director for advanced american peace. we have thousands of soldiers over there about yet, at mullins says that the situation is deteriorating. >> i have heard from people on the ground that that is the case. as we have learned, it is not just the number of troops, but the strategy on the way that you deploy it. i am glad we have general mcchrystal on the ground building a civil military approach that is population- centered. in addition, we have heard president obama say recently that this is not a war toys, but
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a war of necessity. the general mcchrystal will be coming back to the president with his assessment, asking for as many as 45,000 more troops. i believe we need that many. if president obama believe this is a fight we must win, then he should agree. trace: there is question if he will ask for that many troops. some people are starting to get disenchanted with this war. even john mccain said this about general mcchrystal's assessment. >> i think there are great pressures on general mcchrystal to reduce those estimates, but i have great confidence. trace: senator mccain is saying there is pressure from within the white house to pressure in the general to bring that number down. >> i have heard about those same
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pressures, but speaking to people in afghanistan, we all know that general mcchrystal is a straight shooter. the lowest risk as command is 45,000, down to 25,000 medium risk. if he comes down and says it is incumbent upon administration to resupply the more, with the right strategy -- that is the most important part. a counterinsurgency taking the fight to the enemy. we cannot allow the taliban and al qaeda to gain ground. trace: you have to get the afghan people involved. quite frankly, they are confused. they do not know whether to sign with the taliban or nato. if they sign with nato, they know that the taliban will want to kill them. it is in danger -- very
1:21 pm
dangerous tightrope for those people. >> we do need to train the afghan security forces so that they can take over. we are at at the same tipping point that we were in iraq had 2006. president obama needs to resourcefulness properly and then stand up and say this is a more we will win. we look at the 12 months and will take, or however long, to obtain vector rate. -- victory. while admiral mullen said it wanted to reading, it is certainly not reversible. i think eventually we will be behind a winning strategy. trace: thank you, p. -- pete.
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trace: in the top box, the
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reality show contestant went to the murder of a model in california turned up dead in a hotel in california. now police are searching for the woman who was seen with him at the hotel. in the middle box, a cash for clunkers and tonight, 8:00 east coast time. nasa is putting the finishing touch on an early-morning flight in the bottom box. and a live report on that coming up. martha: let's get to today's developments in the raging battle over health care. president obama is trying to cool things down a bid with his family. now it seems that tom daschle is now quietly playing a role in all of this anyway. there are new developments that you need to know about. many bring in the panel. we have doug scheon and brad
1:27 pm
blakeman. let's go once around on this tom daschle issue. is this a problem that he is working with united healthcare? should he be having a discussion about health care? >> tom daschle is a respectable the guy who came up with a bipartisan plan to expand health care with bob dole and howard baker. he is a good guy and his council is useful. it is more the appearance of impropriety and the fact that the lawyer-lobbyist revolving door create an image that is not very great. martha: you said that the president should be wary of tom daschle? >> absolutely. the president spoke most about the influence of lobbyists in
1:28 pm
washington. even though they are on your side, it is the appearance of impropriety. the fact that he gets a meeting, representing one of the largest health care providers is suspicious in and of itself. we will never know what happened in that meeting, but as far as republicans are concerned, tom daschle is on our side because he is opposed to the public option. martha: president obama is on vacation now. so many people thought he was over exposed in the past few weeks. now he is hanging back a bit with the family. what do the republicans do now? >> republicans did something today that was pretty smart. this is political al -- analysis, not spin, by the way.
1:29 pm
they want to protect the relationships to detain you and your doctor. what they are basically saying is we are on your side, seniors. they had a moment with michael steele writing that op-ed. it also helps to be about unfair charges, which is the republicans have been all criticism. martha: this is from the dnc communications director. he says is becoming increasingly obvious republicans will stop at nothing to kill health insurance reform. today is another example of the gop's willingness to mislead and scare people, this time seniors. >> there is nothing scary in michael steele's op ed. i challenge anyone to say that they are not for those six principles. the republicans were able to reduce health care reform to one page, easily understandable, so
1:30 pm
that seniors know that republicans understand their concerns. democrats wish that they could have this kind of organization. martha: we have a graphic that shows some of his points. that raises some interesting points here. maybe after his vacation, the president comes back, and everyone sits down, republicans, democrats, and what people will like about this is it is five points on a piece of paper. if they can get something along these lines, they will know what they are dealing with. >> i could not agree more. when i worked with bill clinton in the white house, we did exactly that on balancing the budget. you know who got credit? now newt gingrich, but bill clinton. if we can be constructive about
1:31 pm
what the republicans say, we might do better. if republicans did the same with the democrats, we might have been better -- martha: i wonder if this is an opportunity for the president to ride in on what course and say, this is what we are going to do. here is my plan and when i will do to make this happen. >> if the president gets a deal, the protests go away and brad an i our friends -- and i are friends again. >> what he did is he ceded his power to congress. the need to take back control of what he talked about in the campaign -- he needs to take back control of what he talked about in the campaign. martha: i can attest that a vacation can be quite rejuvenating. thank you.
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trace: outrage over scotland release of the lockerbie palmer. if convicted terrorist sent home to a hero's welcome. lawmakers in scotland are meeting in an emergency session. we will be in london for a live report.
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call now for special savings and we'll also give you... 30 days to try lifelock absolutely free. call now and mention id. call now or go to ♪ trace: we have brand new information on three big stories. the first to washington. breaking information on interrogation tactics from the cia. >> we are expecting the release of classified cia inspector general's reports which is considered the most comprehensive assessment of the interrogation programs. in addition, there will be thousands of other pages released. among them, we believe details on the type of intelligence that was taken from those
1:36 pm
interrogations. we believe these are the same document that vice-president cheney wanted to show. trace: thank you. now to the weather center. hurricane bill. >> the final advisory is now gone. it made landfall in newfoundland earlier today. it is cruising toward the uk as a non-tropical system. now we are watching this tropical wave. could this developed into our next storm? we will have to wait and see. trace: thank you. indian tribes in the west want to buy land to build casinos, and some cities do not like it. >> that is right. critics are calling the reservation shopping.
1:37 pm
right now, two big fights in the country. one is in the glendale, ariz., the other in southern washington state. the time to say that in a mixed up its members and writes historical wrongs, but critics say that it does not go far enough to ease problems and causes more problems than it solves. trace: thank you. martha: we have a brand new poll numbers for you. american outrage over the freed lockerbie bomber. these are hot off of the arrest me simple press. 96% of respondents were opposed. scotland says abdul basset al- megradhi was freed on compassionate grounds, and dying of prostate cancer.
1:38 pm
there are new questions of exactly why they decided to release him. amy kellog is in london. the scottish government is under intense pressure now, aren't they? >> yes, they called an extraordinary session of parliament. they reiterated the reason that they decided to release abdul basset al-megradhi on compassionate grounds. some are concerned that scotland yard has been irreparably damaged by this. the u.s. is the biggest importer scottish goods, and some are concerned about that relationship. one scottish politicians said this was an act of unpardonable folly to release him. one woman legislator asked, if it must a compassionate reason,
1:39 pm
if he was about to die, would he have been better in a scottish hospital? would have his care been better? the scottish under fire by various politicians upset about the decisions that were made. also, muammar al-gaddafi's child accompanied him on the airplane, and he implied that the release was timed to potential lucrative deals between the u. k and libya involving oil and gas. he backtracked on those comments and said that in the taken out of context. however, we have just heard that prince andrew's trip to libya in the summer has been cancelled.
1:40 pm
martha: there was discussion that they wanted any sort of return to be quiet, because it would enrage those families who were affected. there you have it, a huge heroes welcome. thank you. we asked you to weigh in on the decision of this release by asking you to respond to our survey. more than 90,000 people have voted on 3% believed he should be released. more than 96% of you who responded agree that they should have let him die in prison.
1:41 pm
trace: well, his parents were fighting for custody in court until an eight-year old picked him up from school and took him to italy. the italian officials have ruled that she was not a fit mother. they did not send him home to his father, and why he cannot get him back now. he ran off with his secretary! she's 23 years old!
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trace: in the white house and the food and drug administration needs to pick up the pace when it comes to approving intravenous flu drugs. the white house said that this stuff needs to get in the pipeline fast. we have been telling you for weeks that the second round of h1n1 can be more severe than the previous one, not because the virus is more severe, but
1:45 pm
because people do not have the anti-virus, and people could starve to be affected by this. martha: we mentioned this heartbreaking custody battle taking on american father from new york to italy to get his little boy back. he was living in new york with his dad among his divorced parents were battling things out in court. one day his mother picks him up from school and takes into europe. italian courts ruled that she was not a fit mother. instead of sending him back home, they decided to put him in an orphanage in italy, much to their family today, for the last seven months. allison camerota is with us now. this is incredible. you would think that an orphanage would want to have fewer children. if a father is out there, why would they prevent him from
1:46 pm
getting him? >> basically, a tie and social services decided that the relationship between father and son had been so damaged that they cannot reunite them. that cannot happen until their relationship is repaired. however, that relationship cannot be repaired until he is back home. martha: so they are recommending that the father moved to italy and live with him? >> they believe his relationship deteriorated, so they want him to come for about two years to rebuild this relationship. i spoke to a correspondent in rome who has been covering this story and they said some light as to the bureaucracy. >> he is simply caught in and tie and bureaucratic nightmare that every time and understands.
1:47 pm
the country is mired in a very tedious bureaucracy, even with simple things. this is a very complicated case. >trace: can you imagine navigating the diplomatic channels? it is tough for our government, so can you imagine being a citizen? >> he tried all diplomatic channels for two years. after hitting a dead end after a dead end, he brought it to the media. now finally italian social services are paying attention. michael has seen his son in nor panetta couple of times. he had described it as a very unnatural, antiseptic setting. let's listen to what the father had to say. >> the first time i saw him after two years, it was pretty
1:48 pm
brief. it was a smile, and then he was whisked away. initially, the visits were not bad, and i hope working with the system, i would be able to get him, but he has deteriorated. >> liam is now eight, and he does not know who to trust. martha: this is why schools have so many permission stipulations with the parents. trace: thank you. for more on this custody battle, let me bring in a former federal prosecutor. you heard us talking about the fact that the diplomatic channels have been exhausted. you can imagine the catch-22 this parent is in. how can you get your kid back? >> it is like something from the
1:49 pm
"twilight zone." justice delayed is justice denied. under the hague convention, in the latest posters with me return children so that any type of custody dispute can be worked out in their home. i do not know who made the decision to put this town in an institution, but the most compelling thing in the case is one is in the best interest of the child. who made the decision to put that, there? i can understand the fathers frustration. it is great that we have the state department involved. unfortunately, in dealing with extradition, different organizations have their own agenda as to what is important. at the end of the day, their job is to deal with the diplomatic relationships with other countries. i am glad that you are stepping up to help this boy come home. martha: is there any
1:50 pm
indication, alisyn, that this child should not be with his father? perhaps the mother convinced the time officials that his father was not safe? >> the mother was deemed mentally unstable and may while the accusations against various people. those have been debunked. so much so, she has been diagnosed with having a strange syndromes whereby you abuse your child to garner attention for yourself. at this point, everyone believes the best place for liam is with his dad, except for the time and officials. martha: thank you. that was a picture of the mother. trace: 1000 kids a year are up abducted and taken to different countries by their parents.
1:51 pm
thank you. martha: tomorrow we are going to find out how much of a deficit the u.s. is facing. it is actually a lot more than the white house first thought. we will give you that number and some context. and a california freeway -- did you see these pictures? a california freeway turned into a runway. we will explain how this airplane got there. if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol... a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number... of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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trace: health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was briefed on the h1n1 virus.
1:55 pm
in the middle box, bernie madoff could be suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer. and in the bottom box, new developments in the search for missing georgia mother kristy c ornwell. police are now looking for her in north carolina. martha: the new budget deficit projections come out tomorrow. early estimates show that president obama's domestic policies could add $9 trillion to the nation's debt in the next 10 years. so what does that even mean? this is our must see fact of the day. let's say someone gave you $9 trillion. even if you spend $100 every second, it would take you to
1:56 pm
thousand 853 years to spend that money -- 2853 years to spend that money. that is unbelievable. trace: 3500 dissidents living in a refugee camp in iraq, kind of a no-man's land. the group is responsible for one of the biggest intelligence breaks in the west. now pteron once then handed over. -- tehran wants them handed over. who want these camp members? >> these are iranian to have been living in iraq for decades. they provided the west with one of the greatest intelligence coups about their nuclear intelligence program.
1:57 pm
that is how we learned about the natanz center. we understand there were tried to set up a police station in the camp, but the residents resisted because they knew that they were getting pressure to hand them over to iranians. they resisted and it was an extremely violent showdown. it raises questions about what responsibilities the u.s. navy has now that they have handed over responsibility. 11 of these iranian dissidents died in this incursion by iraqi forces. trace: thank you. martha: the government is wrapping up its efforts to educate the public about age 1 and 1. -- h1n1. floats through the air.
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2:01 pm
people can protect themselves. kathleen sebelius will brief reporters minutes from now. first, jonathan serrie is in atlanta. any information on many vaccine will be available to the public? >> probably in october, although there is a strong push to ramp up the process of developing a vaccine. under current plans, health experts are anticipating around 50 million doses of vaccine by october. each week after that they will continue up putting more for a total of about 195 million by the end of the year. trace: you mentioned how they could get 195 million by the end of the year. how many of these flu shots do they plan on giving? >> h1n1 is a relatively new
2:02 pm
beast. however, one of three americans get seasonal flu shots, but by and large, they are elderly, 65 and older. h1n1 is different because it disproportionately affects younger people, contrary to the seasonal flu. with the nature of h1n1, is that are going to be enough to get younger people vaccinated, or will they remain complacent? trace: at least in the short term we know there could be some shortages. who are these priority groups? >> they are talking about priority groups. the cdc recommending those younger people, particularly the ages of six months to 24 months,
2:03 pm
as well as health care workers who need to be well enough to treat these people, and people with compromised immune systems, underlying health problems. they are all among this priority group. among mandating, the cdc is only offering guidance. the actual administering of these vaccines is done at the state or local level. that will vary from region to region. you may need different guidelines in rural montana compared to a clinic in new york. and a mandate would, in that bill local level. cdc officials do not believe it will get to the point where you will need a doctor's note to be vaccinated. trace: thank you. when kathleen sebelius comes to the microphone, we will bring
2:04 pm
that news to do. martha: while president obama is on vacation, there is no vacation in the battle on health care. despite the steamy weather, the white house says that the plan will not be losing steam. >> he has faith in his team and it is time to recharge his batteries. he is happy to be here. the health-care debate is moving forward at a good clip. the president believes there is a real possibility of getting a bipartisan plan through. he will continue to work toward that end. martha: major garrett is joining us from martha's vineyard. >> too bad. martha: i just got back from cape cod myself.
2:05 pm
there was a lot of talk this week that the president must -- before this week that the president was overexposed. is there a political advantage for him hanging back this week? >> the white house will not say that there is, but there could possibly be. for the first time last week, robert gibbs noted that he had read stories about the president being overexposed. if you look at some of the polling data, some americans, even if they like the president, believe that he is doing too much and we need to see less of him. we need to digest this health care debate on our own. as he has worked aggressively on this issue, his numbers and the numbers for health care have gone down. particularly, among independent voters, who were so important
2:06 pm
to candidate obama, and vital to his successful white house campaign. the idea that the president could gain by not being in the public view is not something the white house wants to embrace, but they will not regret it if it happens. martha: to what extent do they want to hit the restart button when he comes back? maybe he could have a sit-down with people on both sides and get a fresh start? >> it is certainly possible, not in the sense that he would abandon the effort, or pull back from his advocacy of what she wants, lower cost, expanded coverage, a deficit neutral. what you could see is the president doing checking with key lawmakers on how much political support they detect for the political option. if it is not there, you may see them talk more about health insurance reform.
2:07 pm
if that trend continues, you will know that a political decision was probably made this week. martha: i took a look at his reading list and he is pretty ambitious, as we all are. he has five books. i wish him the best of luck. we hope he can get some reading done. >> that is the announced reading list. i hope that the my house releases his complete reading list. martha: by the way, major, happy birthday. >> as ronald reagan would say, it is a eighth anniversary of my 30th birthday. trace: thank you. republican going on the offensive, revealing a health care bill of rights for seniors.
2:08 pm
here is michael steele. >> senior citizens are scared to death because they see the government coming into an area of their lives, trying to give them the short end of the stick. i want to make sure that does not happen. trace: james rosen is in washington, d.c. the senior citizen block is crucial for both sides in the health-care debate. >> that is right. we have seen a lot of this anger at town hall meetings coming from senior citizens, and with each year, americans over 65 make up over 80% of registered voters. more to the point, they are in play. in the last two presidential election cycles, senior
2:09 pm
citizens went for the republican nominee. michael steele, in his six-point bill of rights for senior citizens, wants to make sure that they do not get the short end of the stick. he did agree with me that there is some ways in medicare spending that could be eliminated. i asked him to identify some for me. >> individuals who can afford medicare for themselves, what are they getting benefits from the system when they have the means to otherwise provide for their health care? >> he could not identify a ballpark figure of how much he thinks medicare can be pruned down in terms of savings. some democrats have put that number near $5 billion. trace: one democrat finds the
2:10 pm
notion of republican safeguarding senior citizens " humorous." >> this was andrew wiener of queens. he sits on the house energy and commerce committee. he took a look at this rnc bill of rights, and he said, in fact medicare itself, the central tenets, exemplifies everything opposite to what the republicans are arguing about in the health- care debate. >> it is important that seniors not be frightened by some of the lies they have hurt. medicare is an example of how the government can do a pretty good job running medical health care. that is why the focus had been trying to undermine health care. >> we will be taking a look at all of this tonight with bret baier. trace: thank you.
2:11 pm
martha: the president said he wanted to leave the past in the past, when it came to attempting to propagate years -- those involved in interrogation in the bush years. will he change his tune? úgsw i never thought it could happen to me...
2:12 pm
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2:14 pm
martha: so what did the cia do with interrogation suspects
2:15 pm
after 9/11? the report is about to be released, revealing stories about the use of things like a power drill, and a gun, and mock executions. the president said he wanted to move on from these stories, but attorney general eric holder may have some other plans. now there is word that a new group of interrogators will take over that job in the future, and they will not be part of the cia, and will report directly to the white house. let me bring in the panel to explain. we have a senior fellow from the heritage foundation. as we were beginning to speak, and we are hearing that the aclu believes that the justice department should reopen this case. what are we seeing this again? the them i am not sure. the obama administration said
2:16 pm
that they would move forward, but i guess that means just until they moved back. you have to wonder if cia employees are worried about catching terrorists or about getting a lawyer. there was some heated discussion today between senior council officials, and panetta's tenure may not be so long. president obama said he wanted to heal the wounds with the muslim world, but i cannot help but believe this will pick at some scabs. this could also increased recruitment by insurgents. martha: we all remember eric holder being horrified when he read these reports. yet, you have the flip side from
2:17 pm
dick cheney asking to release the documents. see what we got from those interrogations'. his feeling is get it, there, and then everyone will understand that they worked, and that, according to him, were done in accordance to the law. >> i cannot speak to mice cheney -- vice-president cheney, but these documents are being week before the document is even being legally released. i think what the vice president was saying, you are going to make this all over the place to smudge the reputation of the bush administration. why not show the positive side as well? we kept america safe. martha: with me now is an intelligence columnist, the author of many books detailing the cia.
2:18 pm
always good to have you with us. what is your response to this? if there were these things like mock executions, what do you make of that? good or bad? >> it would be that, yes. negative information about the cia would hurt. it is clear, i think, that the cia went beyond the gun and from the bush justice department. it's people broke the law, they need to be held accountable. i do not see a way around it. the military has been held accountable for the war in iraq. i do not see any difference. this will not be hopeful for the cia morale, but it is part of federal duty to have some sort
2:19 pm
of accountability. martha: the statement that came from leon panetta said that we needed to use a good pass to create a better future. i am paraphrasing, but what do you think about these stories? there have been heated debates in the white house with leon panetta, saying basically, i get off my back. -- get off my back. >> he has had a lot of frustrations. there are things that have come up periodically that he was surprised by. this blackwater contract, for instance, about assassinations. he has been eclipsed by an admirable blair -- admiral blair. he has been elbowed out of the white house at the same time, and is not getting any help from
2:20 pm
his own party. martha: and do you think he is going to last? >> no, that is one of the worst jobs in washington right now. the cia needs some reforms. i would not want that job. martha: before we go, what is the and, of this? -- outcome of this? any chance that the president will ask eric holder to stop the release of these documents? >> i think if he was going to do that, he would have done it before. martha: stay tune, we will bring that information to you as soon as it becomes available. great to speak to you both. we asked you to win in on this at
2:21 pm
we want to know what you think about this story. should the justice department's -- and there is a report saying that eric holder has announced a prosecutor to see some of these cases. we are now confirming that report. anyway, here is what you are saying. 95% of you believe that we should not be pursuing these cases. trace: we also know that you are watching this story. where is kristy cornwell? now a new tent generated by " america's most wanted" could put police in the right direction ryan getting ready to make his approach... to the men's room.
2:22 pm
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2:25 pm
martha: we have been developments in our top story. we cannot confirm that the attorney general eric holder has decided he will move forward on that -- to investigate about 10 cases in which cia interrogators and contractors may have violated laws and statutes when they interviewed
2:26 pm
terrorism suspects. we have heard things like using a gun, mock executions. we all remember eric holder at the time said he was horrified when he read the reports. then you have president obama say, i want to move ahead with my administration. we do not want to unearth things, but he also said it was up to the attorney general. apparently now he has decided to go down that road. this could have a lot of impact on our intelligence community. this could create a chill in the cia. catherine herridge has her hands on this report that has just been released. what can you tell us? >> i have a copy of the report.
2:27 pm
in his 700 pages long. i have been reading through it, and one thing i can see already is some portions are still heavily redacted. we will have to see what type of information has been declassified. they had been the subject of lengthy negotiations. one thing we confirmed about report prior to the release is that it does in tell what was described as a mock execution of one of the high value detainees. this but the alleged planner of the uss coral attacks. -- cole attacks. we will also want to look for documented cases of interrogators were other is going beyond the bounds of what was prescribed, or the league of advice, from the justice department. -- legal advice, from the
2:28 pm
justice department. i want to include one important detail. this report has been with the department of justice and congress for five years, since 2004. it was reviewed by lawyers under the previous administration and decided not to take further action against a number of individuals identified in the document. there was the prosecution of one individual with one detainee. these cases were also reviewed in virginia, and they decided to take no further action. what is significant is we may be going down a road where there will ultimately be a reversal in the position by the previous administration, who has said that it wants to move look forward -- a move, look forward -- wants to move, look forward.
2:29 pm
it is a bit more redacted then i had initially inspected, so i'm going to continue to go through it. martha: bob baer raised this issue moments ago, and if you are going to go forward with prosecution, will the cia -- a question is, did the cia and contractors go above what they were allowed to do? doesn't the question then become did they do that at their own behalf, or were they given orders by someone else? >> that would be part and parcel of any investigation. reading between the lines of the statements, particularly the e- mails statements that mersenne by leon panetta, it did seem to suggest, those people would be held accountable for these actions that were not --
2:30 pm
i think the word that he used were "not validated." it would suggest individuals took these actions on their own best. i am merely speculating. -- behest. i cannot say anything really with any real confirmation. martha: a thank you. big developments and big news this afternoon. eric the synar has decided he will go forward with a prosecutor read the colder has decided -- eric holder has decided he will go forward with a prosecutor on this case. we will continue to stay on top of this. trace: in the meantime, a tip to "america's most wanted" giving police new hope for finding kristi cornwell.
2:31 pm
she was abducted while speaking to her boyfriend. now u.s. marshals are searching in north carolina. with me now is someone with the georgia bureau of investigations. he is also the special agent in charge of this investigation. so far we have little evidence to go on. they found her cellphone. beyond that, it is anyone's guess. >> that is right. at this time, we are continuing to follow leads. we have no definitive information that her body is in that location. it is being searched with an abundance of caution, as with any other lead. trace: i want to know about that king mountain lead.
2:32 pm
do you believe it is legitimate? >> we treat every lead as if it were. keep in mind, that is approximately 200 miles from the abduction site, so it would be a long distance, and but we are treating it like any other lead. we are searching the area to verify if it is accurate or not. trace: thank you. martha: had no hotter story that health care debate. it is playing right now at a fever pitch across the country. now the debate could be affecting the next election. 2010 is not so far away. there are many seats in variable hon. districts, we are hearing from our favorite expert. why democrats could be dreading these midterm elections. ?7
2:33 pm
2:34 pm
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2:36 pm
trace: an arrest has been made in connection with an explosion at a california high school. harris faulkner is following this. >> it looks like this is a former student. the assistant superintendent say that this is someone the teachers knew and that is why they were able to get the suspect so quickly. there are also local reports in the san francisco bay area in sna mateo where police have the uncovered more than one pipe bomb device. we do know that one explosion did happen earlier today shortly after a call was made. you are looking at video from
2:37 pm
earlier today when every student was evacuated. afforapparently, this was a forr student who terrorized the school. the school is closed until tomorrow, back to you. martha: thank you. the public and are looking forward to next year's political elections. both sides coming up with forecasts that are not very good news for democrats. they could face huge losses. turned out a lot of those helped care town hall meetings are taking their toll on the -- taking their toll on the poll numbers. shannon bream, what do lawmakers see in 2010? >> experts here who follow every house and senate race believe that democrats could lose 20
2:38 pm
seats or more in the house. of course, it would still be in the door they, but it would be much smaller. you have to remember, not all democrats boat together, so that would be a significant shift. even on the senate side, harry reid appeared to be able rumble. -- appear to be vulnerable. he is the top democrat in the senate, so lot of races are in play, and some big names could be forced out. it is a long ways away. martha: i'm looking at the nevada situation, and it looks pretty difficult for him. this has to start democrats thinking, do i want to sign a bill that will sign away the election? >> that is right. people are also afraid of
2:39 pm
unemployment going into double digits, concern about the stimulus money. it is a perfect group of frustration that the democrats have to deal with. martha: halfway through the year, they have time on their side. thank you. trace: in the meantime, let's bring in someone who follows this closely. larry set the tone of the university of virginia. -- sabato of the university of virginia. here is what it looks like in the house. democrats have 256 seats. republicans, 177. the gop would need to collect 41 net seats to gain control.
2:40 pm
the national republican congressional committee believes that they can target 70. you believe that is ridiculous? >> it is too high, but they will probably end up winning probably more than 20 seats, which means they cut the majority in the house. as i mentioned, we are going to have a precise estimate in september district by district. a lot of this is coming in those red republican districts carried by john mccain, also currently represented by a democratic house member. trace: there are 49 of those districts. how much does the health-care debate play into this, the town hall ourage? what factors are at play here? -- town hall outrage?
2:41 pm
>> i would put health care second. of the 46 seats that were carried by john mccain are currently no normal in 2010. that is 53% of democrats in the kaine districts. -- currently vulnerable in 2010. martha: we are getting more on that attorney-general or poured over those cia interrogations'. we are getting some interesting details. also the question over social security payments. could they be going down? (voice 1) we've detected an anomaly...
2:42 pm
(voice 2) how bad is it? (voice 1) traffic's off the chart... (voice 2) they're pinging more targets... (voice 3) isolate... prevent damage... (voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again.
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2:44 pm
martha, as i mentioned, we are getting more detail about what is in that report and what
2:45 pm
happened with the interrogations of some of the top terror suspects. catherine herridge has been going through the document. there are some pretty explosive things coming to light. i want you to share them with us and then we can talk about it. >> i am about 40 pages into this document. the section i am in right now talks about khalid sheikh mohammed. it says, in essence, that he was threatened by interrogator that his children will be killed if anything else happened in the united states. bear with me. as you can see, parts of it are redacted, so it may seem broken. "an experienced agency reported burton khalid sheikh mohammed. according to interrogators,
2:46 pm
interpreter, the interrogator said co-lead check muhammed said if anything else happens, we are going to kill your children. in a similar threat according to the report, a threat was made against the attacker of u.s. as col. information provided by one witness is also contradicted in the report by the statement of another individual. the debriefers said he never said he was an intelligence officer. he also denied ever threatening him. one of the interesting thing is coming on of this is, as in many cases, when you have a witness to a scene, people do not always remember it the same way. some of these allegations are close, but there is not necessarily consistency. the other thing i want to point out, and i mentioned this
2:47 pm
before. large portions are still redacted. one of the arguments by the aclu is that a previous version of this was essentially all blacked out. they wanted a more likely to die conversion. we will soon know if this need to their standards. as you can see, many entire portions are redacted. that would have been negotiations between the cia, lawyers, and department of justice. martha: it behooves us to look at that point in time when khalid sheikh mohammed was taken into custody. you know, others people children -- other people's children killed in new york city. that may have helped them get
2:48 pm
some useful intelligence at the time. that gets to the next question. were these special circumstances, and in the treatment of these individuals actually get us some important intelligence? >> one thing that is often lost in these discussions is the way we operated in 2003 is much different from how we do today. i came to washington after 9/11 to cover homeland security and terrorism issues. at that time, we always felt like something else was going to happen, but that never happened. we are expecting more documents that will explain the type of intelligence that was gleaned.
2:49 pm
michael hayden has told me that over 50% of what we know about al qaeda has been taken from these interrogations'. i want to point out, though, the timing will be significant today. while i have this report in my hand the day, what i do not have are the documents that relate to the intelligence that was taken from these and derogations. that will be released later today on dvd and cd. it will be interesting to see if they are released in a timely fashion, or if they are staggered sufficiently, so that the allegations, which are controversial, will still be airwaved in advance of those other documents, which may help some argue justify the actions taken in that period of time. martha: and that will definitely have an impact on the news cycle. trace has some information on
2:50 pm
this. trace: john durham has been assigned. he has a reputation as one of the nation's most relentless prosecutors. he was an outside prosecutor overseeing an investigation into the use of mob information in boston and several connecticut public officials were sent to prison from that. you are familiar with him? >> this is the same john durham appointed to investigate the destruction of 92 tapes that covered the interrogation of these high-value targets. we know that three detainees were waterboarding.
2:51 pm
those videotapes were destroyed and the focus of that investigation is whether that was a criminal act. in simple terms, the destruction of evidence in future prosecutions. to look at the other side of the argument, there are what i would describe as summaries of those interrogations'. they are not transcripts but they give you the headlines, and much of the detail and substance of what happened. the cia would argue that the record still exists. the fact that the attorney general that is bringing in an individual who was well versed in all of these matters shows you how seriously he is pursuing this at a time when the administration has promised they would not look backwards. trace: the key point, as we mentioned -- by the way, thank
2:52 pm
you. you mentioned the president said he wants to look forward. but he always left the door open for his attorney general to do what he saw fit. we will have much more on this breaking story. also, a 3-year-old girl stuck in a pool dream. . i was in the grocery store when i had a heart attack. my daughter was with me. i took a bayer aspirin out of my purse and chewed it. my doctor said the bayer aspirin saved my life. please talk to your doctor about aspirin and your heart. i'm going to be grandma for a long time.
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2:55 pm
martha: 1 absolutely terrifying incident in miami today. 83-year-old girl -- her arm got stuck in a pool train -- a a 3- year-old girl, her arm got stuck in a pool drain. dozens of firefighters cut into the concrete and steel pipe are
2:56 pm
rounded. the girl's arm got caught. they cradled her head above the water as they worked to free her. they were finally able to pull her out. look at her. she is in the hospital, and we're told she is in stable condition. thank goodness this story did not end as others have with these dangerous drains. mom and dad must be extraordinarily relieved today. trace: millions of americans will soon face shrinking social security checks. seniors were just told there will not be any cost of living increases for the next couple of years. by law, social security benefits cannot go down. with us, the president and ceo of the committee to preserve social security and medicare. no cost-of-living increase. this is going to avert a bunch if not all seniors -- this is going to hurt a bunch if not all
2:57 pm
seniors. senior >> are on fixed income and count on every dollar. trace: are talking about medicare premiums going up, so it is almost like in the long run, they are taking a pay cut. >> you look at a market basket of goods. what the people in government do not do is know that seniors spend much more of their income on health care, and that should be directed so that they do not get no color at all. seniors on fixed income. the reason i'm so glad you have me here today is so we can make this known some members of congress can pass a bill before october and make up for this. trace: the next time we have you back, we will have a lot longer. we had some breaking news. breaking news coming up again about cia interrogations'.
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
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